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A Littte Ditty 'Bout Jack and Diane


"....... Jack and Diane, two American kids growin' up in the heartland ......"    Well, actually, they grew up in lots of places: Manhattan and Staten Island, New York - Bogota, New Jersey - Ft. Wayne, Indiana - La Crosse, Wisconsin - Babylon, NY - Arlington (Roslyn), Virginia, Washington, DC and now Greenport, New York and Singer Island, Florida.  At each place they've been "...... two American kids doin' the best they can......".  Which is what they're doing now for their Guests at Bartlett House Inn.


Diane, before buying the Inn and completely rebuilding and re-designing every inch of its interior and exterior,  did  a few other things.  Immediately prior to taking on the challenge of the Inn, Diane was the General Manager of  Ethan Allen's Rockville, Maryland store, one of the top five performers every year out of its 500 stores worldwide.  She also worked at Ethan Allen as an Interior Designer and Sales Manager at their stores in Tyson Corners, VA, Washington, DC and Long Island's Huntington, New York.  Diane was also a thrice elected Trustee (and Deputy Mayor for a period) of the Village of Babylon, NY where she and Jack raised their two daughters. When living in Wisconsin, Diane was in charge of a Women's and Children's Shelter, supervising a large staff of professionals and working with legal and government officials. In addition, Diane is an accomplished Artist, and a few of her paintings are on display at the Inn.  And Diane is a Cancer Survivor!  She is also the recipient of the American Freedom Award for her work with the community and the elderly in Babylon.


Jack, on the other hand, couldn't seem to keep a job!  He spent about 4 years each with seven of the US Fortune 500 Companies.  Each of the seven were international conglomerates (Westinghouse, Squibb, Pfizer, Celanese, etc.), with offices and plants all over the planet; and he worked at many of those locations.  In another chapter of his life, he also toiled as an Executive Recruiter ("Headhunter") with both US and International clients, including the second largest private company in Turkey, headquartered in Istanbul.  And finally, Jack spent way, waaaay too long with an international wildlife conservation organization.  As a result of his jobs Jack has worked all over the place, in more than  100 countries.  Fortunately he was a fairly good shopper during that time, and must have had a psychic vision that the Bartlett House was in his future.  Throughout his travels he acquired paintings, textiles, carvings, sculptures and other interesting artifacts that today are enjoyed by the Inn's many US and International visitors.  Jack and Diane still travel the globe, always keeping an eye out for interesting and beautiful things to enhance the Inn and put a smile on their Guests' faces.


Today, Diane and Jack do their very best to insure that their Guests have an excellent stay at the Bartlett House Inn.  They work together with their Guest's comfort and enjoyment in the forefront of all of their thoughts and actions.  A strong, well oiled team, Jack busses the tables and keeps the dishes clean, and Diane is only responsible for everything else!